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Christy Willey

 Volunteer Coordinator

Christy moved here from Florida in 2020 with her husband, DJ, and her two boys, John, and David. She has loved horses since she was 3-years old, when her parents took her to a horse show in Daytona Beach, FL. Since then, she has worked with thoroughbreds in Ocala, FL helped her mom with her two quarter horses, Rocky and Lena, and has even leased a horse to learn how to barrel race. She has some experience riding, but most of her experience is with groundwork.


Other than her love of horses, she also loves to foster dogs in need of a forever home for Nashville Dog Rescue. She also loves the outdoors, swimming, her boys, and thinks that laughter is the best medicine. She is currently going to college to get her A.A.S. in Business Marketing, which she is only 2 courses away from, and she loves her job, which is how she found out about Hickory Hill Farm.

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