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Michelle Martin

Board Member

Michelle is a devoted advocate for equine rescue and rehabilitation, but my role on this earth goes beyond that. From a young age, she  had a great love for all animals, bringing them love and healings. Her profound love for these majestic creatures drives her   to make a positive impact in their lives, ensuring that every horse finds a safe haven and a chance for a brighter future.

To Michelle, it's not just about rescuing horses; it's about forming heart connections and soul-to-soul bonds, bringing about healing in their lives. She believes we are all intertwined, interconnected, and bound from one unique soul to another. This understanding pushes her to provide the love, care, and support these beautiful, precious souls need.

Beyond her work in equine rescue, Michelle's greatest blessings are being a grandma, a mom, a granddaughter, a daughter, and an aunt. She cherishes the role of passing on love and healing to both animals and people.

Cooking and baking with my grandchildren is a cherished activity, where she can pass along family recipes and traditions, creating all out of great love.

She is passionate about taking care, loving and just being with the horses as they come in.

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